The Yacht m / aux Alexandra was built during the years 1997 - 2003 with talko forces by the association Skutbyggarna-Jaalanrakentajat r.f. in Porvoo archipelago in the Vålax village.

Association Skutbyggarna-Jaalanrakentajat rf was founded to preserve the shipbuilder tradition in the region. In Vålax, Grännäs and Fagersta, countless commercial ships were built for freight traffic in the Gulf of Finland. The timber for the schooners was obtained from the area's forests. This professional knowledge has been of great importance to the East Nyland archipelago.

The Yacht m / aux Alexandra is one of the copies of the yacht Alexandra, which was built at Reimar's shipyard in Strömfors in 1887. She was a sailing ship that was not equipped with an engine. She sank in the Suvisaaristo Archipelago in Espoo in January 1961.

m / aux Alexandra is carefully constructed according to her model, and works just as well for sails as for engines. The ship has a high archipelago rig, which is able to catch the winds between the islets in the archipelago.

Today the association owns and operates the business around the yacht m / aux Alexandra on the same beaches where similar ships were built for several decades. The yacht is held in good condition by the association members on talko.

The number of members in the association is over 200 and we are happy to accept new members. As a member, you can support the business financially via an annual membership fee 25 €. You also have the opportunity to participate at the talko Saturdays and learn about the maintenance work on a wooden boat, participate in sailing trips and join a nice bunch.

The association arranges sailing trips to finance the business and to offer anyone an opportunity to get acquainted with the fine shipbuilding tradition. Maybe you want to organize your party aboard Alexandra.

Alexandra is a familiar sight to many in the Gulf of Finland. She has visited Tallinn, Mariehamn, Helsinki and several smaller ports in the Archipelago Sea. Wherever she is moored, she arouses interest and admiration. She looks old but is equipped with modern navigation technology and other equipment.

She has participated in the Tall Ships race, Tervasaaren tynnyri and participated in the Silakka markkinat in Helsinki. She has also been a training vessel for Hanko Summer University's annual navigation course and for Aboa Mare in Turku, which trains sailors.

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